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SEO website promotion in TOP 10

SEO website promotion in the TOP 10 from the company VEA. Providing only effective own methods aimed at promoting sites in popular search engines. Improving internal and external website optimization.

We offer 3 options for SEO promotion

Search Engine Optimization

From 500 $/month
SEO website promotion and site promotion in search engines, due to internal and external website optimization.

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Contextual advertising

From 300 $/month
An effective way to attract visitors by launching advertising in Google AdWords and Yandex.Direct.

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SMM Promotion

From 200 $/month
Effective promotion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Youtube and other social networks.

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Why do you need SEO website promotion

SEO website promotion (search engine optimization) is website promotion in Google search engines. First of all, increase targeted traffic to your site.

Website promotion is used to increase the growth of site positions in search engines. The more effective the site promotion will be, the more there will be requests for keywords. This means that orders for your site will increase.

The promotion of sites in search engines basically gives the best result, to get more traffic and applications for your site.

Increase website traffic
Increase website traffic

With us, the traffic of your site will increase, which will give more traffic to the site and good conversion.

Promotion the site in the TOP 10
Promotion the site in the TOP 10

We will promote your site in the TOP 10 in the search engines Google and Yandex. You will be known on the Internet.

Increase the number of applications
Increase the number of applications

We have proven methods to increase the number of applications. After that, your sales and applications will increase.

How we optimize the site for search engines

  1. We analyze your business and your site
  2. We analyze your competitors
  3. We compose the correct SEO-structure of the site in accordance with the goals of the business
  4. We carry out external and internal site optimization
  5. Installing web analytics systems
  6. We set up control metrics for promotion results
  7. Работаем над улучшением качества контента сайта
  8. Improving web property conversion
  9. We write unique SEO optimized texts for the site
  10. We respond to competitors

SEO company VEA engaged in professional website promotion since 2009. Providing only effective own methods aimed at promoting sites in popular search engines. Improving internal and external website optimization.

What you need to know when ordering a service

  • Our main task is to make the site sellable and recognizable on the Internet.
  • We have many years of experience in promoting sites to the top. With which you can familiarize yourself at will.
  • We are known only on the positive side, those who cooperate with us.
  • We take any project and bring it to the final result.
  • We have small tariffs and good performance in promotion. Since we value every client and love our work.
  • We have developed a strategy for many years of promotion, which gives a 100% result.
  • We are always in touch and constantly post reports of completed work on promotion.
  • Those who know us appreciate our cooperation. And we, in turn, are giving all our best to achieve good results.
  • We give a guarantee on our part on the success of your project.
  • Cooperation with us is the success of promoting your company or project.
  • The monthly cost depends on your position on the Internet, as well as how much it complies with the promotion rules and its condition.
  • If the site is new, then such a site will have to be promoted from the very beginning until there is a result. It can take time from 6 months to two years. On average about 8 months.
  • If the site is more than six months old and it is at least somehow optimized at the initial stage. Then you need to analyze it by positions in the search engine and competitors. Then identify all the errors and refine it to the desired result.
  • The cost also depends on the choice of a set of work to promote the site. Its condition and the availability of content pages.
  • Basically, the cost of a site starts at $ 300 per month and can even exceed $ 3000

SEO site promotion is the tool that leads to your site target audience.

Without website promotion and optimization, your products or services will not be visible to your audience.

This is necessary for all sites and companies that strive to be successful. Be competitive on the Internet and be in the first positions in search results.

To do this, our specialists carry out various promotion strategies.

At the initial stage, analyze your competitors. Correct errors on the site.

Optimize the site for search engines. And other works are described in our services. And after optimizing the site they begin to promote the site.

Doing everything so that your site is recognizable and is in the first positions in the top results.

  • SEO texts is an integral task before website optimization.
  • First of all, you need to make text unique and SEO optimized for search engines.
  • Set the right headlines and choose keywords when ranking in search engines.
  • It is necessary to take into account all the rules for writing the text, so that there is no spam, extra water in the text.
  • The text must be correctly distributed and spelled out the necessary keywords and links.
  • Properly prepared content is the successful promotion of your site in the future.

Our experts will write you a unique SEO-optimized text and place it correctly on the site.

The main factors for writing text when ranking in search engines:

  • Exact match of key queries and snippets in the text
  • Exact match of the request in the page headers and subheadings
  • Text request language
  • The ratio of the number of links exactly contains the request, to the total number of links

To promote a business or services on the Internet, there must be a website.
If you do not have a site. Our experts will develop the site from scratch and optimize it for search engines.
To do this, you need to know which site you need or provide a link to a competitor.
Then your site can be promoted on the Internet for search queries.
After a thorough analysis, we will formulate the cost of developing the site. And also its further advancement.

You can also make promotions through social networks if there is no site.
We do SMM promotion of your social networks.
Or create a social network for you and promote them for your goods or services.
The service of promotion on social networks can be ordered from us in the tariff plan “SMM Promotion”
The cost of promoting SMM starts at $ 300/month.

Objective: Increase targeted traffic from search. By promoting the site to the top, by low-frequency and high-frequency request

(First stage) Comprehensive internal website optimization:

  1. Site usability audit, analysis, evaluation and testing.
  2. Analysis of your competitors.
  3. Setting the correct site structure and usability, for a good conversion.
  4. Setting statistics and google analytics.
  5. Create a sitemap.
  6. Connect a security certificate with https.
  7. Creation of Google Webmaster (Google Search Console) or Yandex Webmaster and garter to the site.
  8. Setting up the semantic core and improving pages for indexing.
  9. Build critical keywords for the meta tag and meta description.
  10. Copywriting (writing unique articles).
  11. Compress all site files for fast site loading.
  12. File settings: .htaccess and robots.txt
  13. Constantly maintain a site to increase the link mass of the site and raise it to the top.

(Second stage)Comprehensive external website optimization:

  1. Buying eternal links for a site.
  2. Promotion of a site on social networks.
  3. Linking and banners on forums and various sites, on the subject of your site.
  4. Launching ads on Google AdWords and Yandex. Direct (gives an instant result of showing ads on search engines on the first pages of a site. It also increases traffic to visitors. Which is good for raising a site).

Basically, these are the most basic complex works for raising a site to the top.
It can take time from 6 months to two years. On average about 8 months.
The cost of website promotion, as well as its support takes a daily presence and intensive work on the site.

The price includes all the work described above. At the selected rate of promotion or site optimization. In addition to the cost of advertising and the purchase of perpetual links.
But at the first stage, a website is being developed for internal optimization that does not require other expenses.

The procedure for the initial work on-site optimization and promotion, you can find in our service tariffs.

We constantly create reports and show them to you. All reports, both financial and site promotion. We work openly and always in touch.

  1. Reports for each item of work performed on the site.
  2. By site position in search engines before and after.
  3. Report on keywords and meta tags.
  4. Analysis of the site’s rise by traffic and positions in the top.
  5. Take screenshots from analysis in google analytics, Google AdWords.
  6. We report for each link purchased that leads to your site and its placement on the selected site.

If you wish, if you need a contract, we sign a contract and send it by mail, or electronically. In which all points for the provision of services from our side are indicated.

If you are not in Ukraine, we also draw up an international contract on foreign economic activity. Or any agreement convenient for you.

Also in Ukraine we use the Act on Civil Contract.

We invoice in any form convenient for you.

We are committed to fulfilling the entire work arrangement in any case. We value each customer and our reputation.

Payment options for SEO promotion are provided in electronic form by bank transfer. In Ukraine, through Privat24 or any bank, with Visa and MasterCard cards.

From abroad we accept electronic transfers:

Western Union; – It is used most often from abroad.
RIA; – from any country in the world directly to a bank account or card, you just need to indicate the account or card number when sending the transfer.

We are located in Kyiv, but we are promoting projects for Ukraine, Russia, the USA, and European countries.

We work with many countries who are interested in cooperation with us.


Professional website development, taking into account further promotion, will save you time and money for website promotion after development.


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